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The official award-winning charity of Everton Football Club. Established 1988.

Everton in the Community’s vision is, ‘To be the most effective charity, both nationally and internationally, that uses sport as a tool to identify and support vulnerable people and help to change lives for the better.’

Everton in the Community works in partnership with many individuals and organisations on a local, national and international level. Through the use of a comprehensive variety of sporting and social opportunities, Everton in the Community states that:

‘Through the positive promotion of sport, physical activity and the brand of Everton Football Club, we are committed to providing high quality, accessible participant and development opportunities that positively change lives and bring enjoyment to our communities.’

‘We invest in a responsible and sustainable way, addressing the key social issues where we can have the greatest impact and helping the most vulnerable people. We have an inclusive approach to our work and support people of all ages, gender, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.’

‘We help people who are in the greatest need and who face the toughest challenges, including the ‘hard-to-reach’ and ‘hard-to-help’ members of society.’

‘We provide life-changing opportunities particularly for young people, aiming to give them a fresh start in life and opportunities to grow, develop and become active and engaged members of society.’

Supporting and improving the lives of over 20,000 people every year.

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