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Bido Lito! is a monthly magazine for and about Merseyside’s thriving creative community.

‘We’re all about the here and now – the musicians, artists, makers and creative minds that make the region’s independent scene stronger than it’s ever been.’

‘We believe that a strong do-it-together attitude is at the heart of all of this great creativity that we celebrate. Our aim is to highlight and encourage this as much as possible. Get involved.’

At the centre of Liverpool’s independent creative scene since 2010, Bido Lito! provides Merseyside with news, reviews, features and comment on the region’s vibrant cultural landscape. Bido Lito! print magazine arrives on the streets of our beloved city each month, while their digital home at is constantly updated with new multimedia content – extended galleries, videos, playlists and exclusive web-only interviews and reviews.

‘We love the physical nature of our magazine, and its inky feel reflects our origins in the DIY zine culture that has always flourished in the region; but we’re also fascinated about the intersection of print and digital platforms, especially in today’s digitally dominated landscape. We feel that there’s a balance to be found between the two in a way that suits the fast-paced and more considered needs of the modern world.’

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