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About Us

Inclusive Economies.
Beyond Social Enterprise.
Community Wealth Building.
Grassroots Growth.

What makes communities thrive? It’s the people in them. It’s the work they do, week in week out, against the odds, making things work. It’s the small business they run; the shopkeeper on the corner who everyone knows, the barber and the coffee shop owner. It’s the bloke who runs a social enterprise helping kids stay out of trouble, and the arts collective putting an open air show on every Summer. It’s the young lad doing an apprenticeship on a building site, and the events company using their profits to put on street parties.

These are the things that make communities thrive.

At Inclusive Economy, we’re working to make sure people make the most of their abilities, that they are empowered to run small businesses, join together to run a community facility, work from the grassroots up to build a more inclusive community in the areas where they live.

It’s not about measuring every single thing you do to make an impact, it’s not about traditional social enterprise. It’s about working together to build solidarity, build inclusivity and help each other to turn our bright ideas into reality.

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The Team

Who We Are

It all started with a conversation. At the beginning of 2018, a group of us came together to discuss the future of the social and grassroots enterprise community in Liverpool, and what we could do to help. The outcome was Inclusive Economy, a community interest company here to provide connections, thought leadership, training and resources to people in the Liverpool City Region using their bright ideas and business skills to make their communities better places to live. Meet the team.

Paul Martin

Director of Inclusive Economy Liverpool.

CEO of Progressive Lifestyle Solutions NW, a North Liverpool-Based Not-For Profit CIC offering Supported Accomodation and programmes to assist service users.

Lesley Penton

Director of Inclusive Economy Liverpool.

Partnership Manager at The Regenda Group, a great quality, forward thinking business, regenerating places to create opportunities for people.

Helen Stephens

Director of Inclusive Economy Liverpool.

Co-Managing Director of Little Sandbox, working out of Norris Green Library with tech workshops and activities for children.

Alan Southern

Director of Inclusive Economy Liverpool.

Senior Lecturer in the University of Liverpool Management School, and the academic lead on the social economy for the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place.

Peter Furmedge

Director of Inclusive Economy Liverpool.

Owner of Collective Edge Ltd, Co-founder of Liverpool Independent Co-operatives, and Deputy Chairman of City of Liverpool FC.

Patrick Hurley

Chief Executive Officer

Doing all the fiddly stuff in the background, and just trying to make a bit of a difference here and there.

Inclusive Economy Blog

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Local Stuff

Friends of the Inclusive Economy

In our directory, we provide details of what we call Friends of the Inclusive Economy. It’s a list of some of the people, businesses, charities, social enterprises and community activists all working to make the Liverpool City Region a better place to live. Contact details and links to websites all available. It’s a one-stop shop to help you connect to a better city region.


Stuff to help you grow your enlightened small business

From Local Authority masterplans to “how to” guides to starting your own social enterprise, this is an online library for the inclusive economy.