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Inclusive Economies

At Inclusive Economy, we’re working to make sure people make the most of their abilities, that they are empowered to run small businesses, join together to run a community facility, work from the grassroots up to build a more inclusive community in the areas where they live.



Beyond Social Enterprise

It’s not about measuring every single thing you do to make an impact, it’s not about traditional social enterprise. It’s about working together to build solidarity, build inclusivity and help each other to turn our bright ideas into reality.


Community Wealth Building

These are the things that make communities thrive.


What makes communities thrive?

It’s the people in them. It’s the work they do, week in week out, against the odds, making things work. It’s the small business they run; the shopkeeper on the corner who everyone knows, the barber and the coffee shop owner. It’s the bloke who runs a social enterprise helping kids stay out of trouble, and the arts collective putting an open air show on every Summer. It’s the young lad doing an apprenticeship on a building site, and the events company using their profits to put on street parties.

Local Economic Growth

We support building a strong, resilient local economy, able to weather the stresses and strains of the national economy; through building a strong foundation sector.  

Local Empowerment 

We work with Individuals and communities to help them build their skills, through workshops, networking and resources.

Start Something

IE Liverpool are running a series of drop in sessions every week for people that are interested in starting their own business or community enterprise. We’ve published details of these session.


In our directory, we provide details of what we call Friends of the Inclusive Economy. It’s a list of some of the people, businesses, charities, social enterprises and community activists all working to make the Liverpool City Region a better place to live. Contact details and links to websites all available. It’s a one-stop shop to help you connect to a better city region.


Stuff to help you grow your enlightened small business

From Local Authority masterplans to “how to” guides to starting your own social enterprise, this is an online library for the inclusive economy.

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